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"  I want to capture stories. . .

I want to preserve those moments, that leave you speechless. This feeling of being overwhelmed, in which you completely lose yourself, can be relived over and over again. Whether it's the beauty of sunrises and starry skies, the vastness of nature, the untamed presence of wildlife, or the meaningful connections with extraordinary people that spark laughter and lead to endless conversations. It is these fleeting yet enchanting moments that give life its value and my art serves as a powerful reminder of that.  

Each artwork is like a whole universe that pulls the viewer under its spell. With every painting you immerse yourself in new worlds, in another wonderful environment that enchants you and makes time stand still for a moment.


With my art I want to appeal to the viewer to fully enjoy every second on this planet. I hope to be able to encourage people to fill their existence with a deeper meaning and to make it special. But above all I would like to draw your attention to the significant influence your own actions have on everything that surrounds us.  "


Jana Voscort, born in August 1991 in Emsdetten, Germany, grew up in a family of artists and was influenced by an inspiring and creative environment from an early age. During her academic journey, she discovered her passion for art and focused on it. At the age of 12, she started acrylic painting and developed a unique and distinctive style over the years. In 2020, Jana Voscort relocated to the capital city of Berlin, where she finds inspiration and space to fully realize her artistic vision.


"Art happens...

My paintings often begin with an intuitive impulse and evolve in countless directions over days, weeks, or even months. I deliberately choose not to know in advance what may emerge, as it adds an incredible level of excitement for me. A brief sketch and a rough idea of the subject are sufficient, after which I let my feelings guide me completely.

I love art for its freedom and unpretentiousness, as it is in the absence of rules and boundaries that something magical can be created."

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